Tuesday, 22 July 2014

A Strange Year for Potatoes

July seems to be back into its warm and sunny mode after a rather poor Saturday. It’s turning out to be a rather pleasant month weather wise.

This year we started lifting our first early potatoes on 20 June 2014 as opposed to 08 July 2013 and 02 July 2012. Normally I lift a few early potatoes as soon as they've finished flowering and whilst they still have plenty of green haulms. This year some potatoes succumbed to blight early in June and when I dug up our first roots they had already lost all their foliage. Our remaining potatoes have been sprayed against blight a couple of times now with an application of Bordeaux Mix two weeks apart.

No more potatoes have been affected by blight but some have already died down naturally which I think is very early for us, some are just refusing to grow at all and some have produced some fantastic foliage and hopefully an excellent crop.

The video below is a tour around our plots to see how the potato crops are performing.


  1. Everything's looking so green at your site, lovely. The potato plants look like they're a good size, hopefully you'll have good yields. Mine are quite small and not particularly impressive plants, but the potatoes have been lovely, I think I'm converted to growing them. The children have loved digging them up.

    1. I love digging potatoes. You never really know from the tops what the potatoes underneath will be like. Ours have all been small too - not enough rain I suppose.


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