Saturday, 19 July 2014

“Britain Burns on Hottest Day”

I just thought I'd pinch one of the over the top media headlines for Friday’s weather. The headline does say Britain so where do I live? Our “heat day” came and went on Thursday and even then it wasn't quite our hottest day of the year.
Friday’s high for us was 22.3°C. The cloud was thick enough to give some light rain around lunchtime and the sun managed a very brief appearance around 13:00 before disappearing behind the clouds for the rest of the day.
We had a mooching about sort of an afternoon on the plot doing a little bit of harvesting, feeding, and dead heading - that sort of stuff. I finished digging up our first row of early potatoes, Casablanca which haven’t had any foliage left on them for a few weeks now. The yield was small, 5.3kg from about 12 roots, but only one of the tubers had any slug damage so all the rest of the harvested potatoes can be used. 
Digging up the potatoes I couldn't help but notice how dry the ground was and I did considering giving some of our newly planted leeks and brassicas a good soaking but then with lots of rain forecast for Saturday I decided to wait and see.


  1. We've finally had some really good rain, both last night and today. In fact I'd go so far as to say it was a deluge. And loud enough thunder to shake the windows. I loved it. So no watering needed today. Back to hot weather tomorrow though. I might be harvesting some potatoes as well. Yours look lovely, completely blemish free. It's a pleasure when they're like that.

    1. I never know what to do with slug damage potatoes. Keep them as it might be there is some little bit of potato free of damage or put them straight into the council green bin. I don't try composting them as they always grow again in the compost heap.


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