Sunday, 6 July 2014

A Taste of Casablanca

After the dull start to Saturday, as forecast  it brightened up around lunchtime and we had a lovely sunny afternoon.
We're continuing to harvest our first early potatoes that have been affected by blight. Our trial of comparing two varieties grown under weed control fabric compared to our traditional planting method won't be much use. Although the two crops are only a couple of feet apart the crops grown conventionally have suffered far more from blight. I dug up one root of conventionally planted Casablanca yielding 0.366kg of potatoes which were completely free of any slug damage. 
I only managed a few small sprigs of mint to go with our potatoes. Sue dug out all our mint a few weeks ago as the mint had gone rampant taking over the entire bed and we decided it was time for a fresh start. The mint managed to spread into the grass path next to this bed where there’s not much we can do about it. A few days after the grass has been cut it’s possible to harvest tiny sprigs of mint as it forms new shoots. There’s also a wonderful smell of mint every time the grass is cut and I think it’s a rather nice feature. Just walking on the grass has the same effect.

The potatoes did break down a little when boiled but had an excellent new potato flavour. Hopefully the ones grown under the weed control fabric which still have plenty of leaves will produce a bit heavier crop.


  1. I grow all our mint in pots Martyn to them spreading our Charlotte potatoes did break up a little on boiling too

    1. You would think we'd know better than to let mint loose on the plot but we did. We are now growing all our mint in pots too.

      I'm never sure why some potatoes break up when they're cooked and other don't. I assume it's growing conditions but the our Rocket and Casablanca were in the same bed a couple of feet apart. The Rocket cooked fine and Casablanca didn't!


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