Monday, 7 July 2014

Minting My Bets

Sunday wasn't too bad a summer's day with some sunny spells and the temperature into the low twenties. It seemed that it was going to spoil itself around teatime when we had a very short shower but it soon cleared away leaving a nice end to the day.

This time last year in July was the start of three weeks of warm sunny weather with the temperature into the high twenties centigrade each day. A repeat of that fine spell of weather isn't in the forecast for this year.

On Saturday I mentioned that Sue dug up all our mint at the allotment as the bed was in need of some refurbishment. The same is also true of our large tub of mint at home which is now positioned in the slowly materialising coldframe courtyard.
The picture shows the tub of mint before and after its refurbishment. The old mint was still producing a few sprigs but the plants had lost their vigour. The tub was absolutely packed tight with mint roots. I think I  managed to reclaim some roots of each of the varieties of mint originally planted in the tub but I'm by no means certain of that.
I replanted some of the old mint roots in the tub after replacing the old compost and took some cuttings of the mint too so I'm hoping that the one or both my methods of renewing our supply of mint work.

For now our supply is limited to the tiny sprigs of mint growing in one of our grass paths down on the plot. Perhaps I’ll be a bit more careful mowing that particular path for the next few weeks.


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