Sunday, 13 July 2014

Didn't See This in the Forecast

Saturday continued our spell of very warm weather which didn't really seem to be forecast. It became our warmest day of the year as the temperature reached 27.4°C.
Temperature and sunshine record for Thursday 11 to Saturday 12 July 2014
We've had three lovely sunny days in a row. Thursday was the sunniest of the days and Saturday the warmest. Late on into the evening on Saturday the fine spell came to an end with some rain which continued into the early hours of Sunday morning.
Rainfall July 2014
Our rainfall total for the month has now reached 52.0mm already a little above what we might expect in the whole month.


  1. Lovely header photo Martin, perfect for summer. There doesn't seem to have been much rain at all here lately, although maybe that's because I'm struggling to find time to water things! I'm off to check the forecast for the week now, let's hope there are a few showers.

    1. Doesn't seem to be much rain in the forecast until Friday. Looks like a nice week.


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