Sunday, 27 July 2014

Phew! A Scorcher Produces Both a July and Yearly High

Well Saturday really has set the bar very high as the temperature reached 30.3°C in the middle of the afternoon. That’s our hottest day of the year and a record high for July but only by 0.1°C. 
In spite of this spell of fine weather it now looks as though our on’off crop of Oullins gage plums is now definitely off. It’s around now that we would expect them to turn from a dark green to golden, orangy, yellow as they ripen. Instead they’re turning rotten directly from their green colour and falling off the tree. 
To add insult to injury the wasps still find the partially rotted fruit attractive so picking up the fallen plums from around the bottom of the tree isn't the safest of tasks.

Oh well perhaps our Victoria or Marjories Seedling trees will produce some ripe plums. It’s a funny old year on the plot.


  1. What a shame about the Oullins gages. I had one plum this year on my little Victoria tree at the plot. I ate it all myself. I have high hopes for next year. I think that might be my motto when it comes to the garden/allotment.

    1. I hope you checked inside the plum first!


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