Friday, 18 July 2014

No Wriggle Room

Thursday was a very warm summer’s day but a high of 27.1°C wasn't quite the hottest of the year missing out by a mere 0.3°C to 12 July. Another hot day is forecast for tomorrow and then thunderstorms.

In the garden I've had to relegate work on the coldframe courtyard to complete what I’m going to call the summerhouse steps. As each little bit of garden renovation takes place I loose one of those areas where all the things that will come in useful one day are stored. The coldframe courtyard is one of those places and some materials stored there are to be used constructing the summerhouse steps. I've got no wriggle room left for the materials so the steps have to take precedence.
I'm rather ashamed to say that this little project has been left unfinished since our summerhouse was built. This was partly because we weren't too sure how to finish off this little area and it was easy enough to get to the summerhouse in any case. 

Day one involved a little bit of planning and a little bit of setting out to figure out how the treads and risers of the steps would work as well as a little bit of foundation works.

The foundation works were left to go off for a couple of days which gave me time to visit the local DIY shop for ready mix concrete, mortar and a few walling blocks.

Thursday wasn't the best of days for hand mixing either concrete or mortar. A little bit too warm but I mustn't complain about a spell of fine weather. I had a final inspection of my setting out details to make sure I thought all the levels would work out and then started mixing.
So after a rather sweaty afternoon I'm now back at the stage of having to give the steps a couple of days for the concrete to set. I’m hoping that another couple of afternoons will see the job finished.

It’s just a possibility though that those thunderstorms in the forecast might delay progress. 


  1. You're making a lovely job of it. The thunder is forecast at night here. There was a storm last night as well, but it doesn't seem to have done a very good job of watering anything. Sigh. So it's off down to the allotment for me.

    1. Dull and cloudy here Friday morning. Forecast is for some rain tomorrow but the forecast was wrong for today so who knows. A fruit picking day for us I think.


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