Saturday, 26 July 2014

Cucamelon Day

Another day of hot sunny weather and another record as Friday takes over from Thursday as the hottest day of the year. It was only by 0.1°C but we have reached the 28°C or 82°F mark for the first time this year.
At lunchtime the decision was made to try a taste test on our cucamelons. Critically we now had two tiny cucamelons so we could have a whole fruit each to taste. Sharing one would have been tricky. 
The two tiny fruits got a careful wash and were the first things to eat from our lunchtime plate, a sort of fruity amuse bouche. (I've stopped watching so many cooking programmes now).

Being a bloke I just popped the whole thing into my mouth and gave it a chew. Sue was far more lady like biting off a small piece as a taster. I chewed and got a faint flavour of cucumber. Sue’s verdict was that it was more or less tasteless. Certainly we both thought the fruit was a disappointment and unless there’s a great improvement in any later fruits it’s something we won’t be growing again. Sorry James it‘s not for us.


  1. A shame it wasn't tastier. My James Wong thing (tomatilloes) snapped off when I planted them out, so I don't have anything exciting to try this year.

    1. We've still got Inca berries to try. They're starting to flower now. I'm hoping for better things from them!


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