Friday, 25 July 2014

Little and Large

Thursday continued the spell of fine weather as it became our hottest day of the year reaching 27.9°C notching up the record by 0.5°C.
It wasn't a good day for doing this.
It’s worth noting that the standard size potting trays sold by all good garden centres are just about the right size for mixing a standard size 25kg bag of ready mix mortar or concrete. They’re not much use in the greenhouse afterwards though. It was hot and sweaty mixing concrete for foundations and mortar for our blockwork wall outside our summerhouse but with only a little bit of mortaring up left to do this little project is just about completed.
In our home greenhouse our tomatoes are continuing to grow well unlike the plot greenhouse ones planted in similar grow bags.
Our little Sungold tomatoes are now starting to turn. We've had a few from the plot greenhouse and they're really tasty so are already added to next year’s growing list. Who else will join them?
These large Big Boy Hybrids are looking good but aren’t showing any signs of turning just yet. Will they too pass the flavour test and get added to next years list?


  1. A good job done on those steps. Glad you're enjoying the Sungolds. We've had the first few, eaten straight from the plant. Delicious summer.

    1. Sungold have been ready well before any of our other varieties too which is another bonus.


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