Friday, 16 May 2014

Yorkshire Wildlife Park

Thursday was a lovely mild day, dry and with lots of sunny spells.

We’d decided earlier in the week that if the weather was suitable we'd visit the Yorkshire Wildlife Park near Doncaster. This park made both local and national headlines when it re-homed 13 lions from a zoo in Romania.  The Park took on 13 which had been housed in very cramped conditions in small pens with concrete floors and iron bars. The lions now have far more spacious accommodation.
The Wildlife Park is home to many more animals besides the lions many of them have also been re-homed from other zoos where they have become surplus to requirements. 
They certainly seem to have been given plenty of space at the wildlife park. The lions certainly seem to appreciate their new home and look to really enjoy their relaxed lifestyle now.
There are some other big cats too and these also have large paddocks to roam around in. The one below was just finishing of his “Whiskas” for lunch before an afternoon nap.


  1. What a fabulous day out, I love the photo of the lion relaxing in the sun. I remember the lions from Romania being rehomed, they were rushing to get it finished in time for their arrival. They offered to rehome Marius the giraffe from Denmark which was in the news recently, what a shame they didn't take up the offer.

    1. They are in the process of constructing a 10 acre reserve for polar bears. One is supposed to be coming from Mexico to escape the heat there and I think they are looking to bring in other polar bears from europe that are not required in any breeding programmes.


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