Monday, 19 May 2014

Increasing in Tads and a Conundrum

Sunday continued our brilliant spell of weather pushing this year’s high up a tad more to 25.2°C.
Temperature and sunshine records from Friday 16 May 2014 to Sunday 18 May 2014
On Friday I posted a picture showing the comparison between our bought in Marshalls cabbage plants and my own plants raised from seed. It’s obvious that Marshalls plants are well in advance of my own seedlings and to save you looking back at yesterday’s post here’s the photo again.
The collection from Marshalls included cabbages, calabrese and cauliflowers. All the plants looked fine when they were potted on after arrival and all three types received the same treatment and conditions. My notes of the progress of each variety are included below.
On Sunday, alongside our bought in plants of “Mayflower”, Sue planted out our own cauliflower plants “Clapton” raised from seed. 
It’s difficult to know which are which but the two rows on the right of the photo are “Clapton” our home produced seedlings. I can't fault Marshalls plants as they were fine on arrival but once potted on the seedlings just refused to grow. Is it the compost? I think I used the same bag of compost for all the plants but I can't be sure. The “Mayflower” plants do look to be getting a little bit of colour back into their leaves after being planted in the plot a couple of weeks ago so there is still hope for them. For what it is worth my money is on the problem being down to the compost.


  1. Hopefully they will take off soon. I often have the problem of things not growing at home because the soil is really poor. I like the new cold frames - just saw them on Sue's blog, very nice!

    1. The cold frames are great but I'm not sure how we will move them into their final positions.

  2. I'm well behind with my brassica sowing. Ironic considering the trouble I've gone to in preparing the ground!

    The bought in plants must have been kept warm and so experienced a shock when planted out(?)


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