Sunday, 25 May 2014

Spring Needs a Reboot

Saturday was another wet day. Another 11.2mm of rain on Saturday brought the total over the last three days up to 39.6mm or about the rainfall we might expect in the whole month. 
Rainfall and Temperature from Thursday 22-05-2014 to Saturday 24-05-2014
The monthly total is now up to 70.4mm following some more rain overnight Saturday into Sunday morning.

Gardening is on hold at the moment. We've plenty of plants in the cold frames waiting to be moved into their final positions on the plot but I'm guessing the ground is going to need a few days to dry out after the soaking it’s had over the last few days and that’s provided we don’t get any more rain.

Our new coldframes have been very useful already in protecting our plants from becoming waterlogged. Their covers have been open to let in some air but not rain unlike our old aluminium cold frame which remained open to the elements.
Inside they’re bursting with plants desperate to be planted out in the plot. They may have to hang on for a few more days.

Then there are lots more young plants in the greenhouse waiting to take up the vacated space. The space in the greenhouse is needed for our tomato plants.
This is the space in our greenhouse where our grow bags will positioned for our summer tomato crop. There’s a lot of planting out and jiggling about to do before that can happen.

A few days of decent weather are urgently required but looking at the forecast it’s not looking all that promising.
That forecast for a dry Sunday isn't too accurate because as I finish off this blog post at 11:00 the rain has started yet again.


  1. that looks awful lets hope for a planting window I have plants ready to go

  2. We had a lot of rain yesterday -off the scale.

    Hope you read this before it refreshes!

    Our site was flooded. There's quite a pong!

    1. Hi Mal

      Missed it before the refresh but found the rainfall on the 7 day listing. From that lot it's fair to say we only had a sprinkling. No flooding here to speak of other than from a few blocked road gullies. Hope you dry out quickly.


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