Tuesday, 27 May 2014


Monday was nothing to write home about but following our recent spell of wet weather the improvement was very much appreciated. After a sunny morning the afternoon clouded over and when we left the plot around teatime it was starting to drizzle.

We'd spent the afternoon on the plot. We transported all our sweet pea plants down to the plot in the hope that it wouldn't be too wet to do any planting. The car was cram packed full of construction materials and tools as well as I wanted to erect a new cage over our redcurrants.
Sue’s the main redcurrant picker and as she’d requested a better method of actually getting into the cage I've provided her with a door. It’s nothing special and its hinges are made out of string but I'm hoping it will fulfil its purpose. In the past there hasn't been a way in other than removing some of the netting and scrabbling in. 

It was good news on the sweet pea front too as the bed we'd prepared for them wasn't too soggy and Sue managed to get them planted. I did have a little proddle about in one bed that needs tilling and it’s certainly too wet to be dug. The top few inches of the soil weren't too bad but it was wet and claggy below that.
We left as the drizzle started but not before I pulled a couple of onions. These are some of our autumn sown onions “Radar” which have done much better this year than last. After a complete crop failure the year before due to the onion sets arriving too late this year’s crop from the local garden centre have produced what looks to be an excellent crop. We should certainly have enough onions to keep us supplied until this year’s summer crop is ready.

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  1. That's very good cage for the redcurrent shrub! Hope Sue enjoy plucking the harvest! ;)


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