Saturday, 3 May 2014

May Gap

After a cloudy start on Friday it brightened up in the afternoon with some long sunny periods. Although it felt pleasant in the sunshine it never really felt very warm as the temperature only managed a very average 12.8°C.

On the plot we seem to have reached a sort of limbo between the rush of getting our first batches of vegetables planted and now making preparations ready for more planting, at a rather more leisurely rate over the next month or so. Our grass paths were in need of cutting so we decided to make a big effort and get all our paths and edges tidied up. It took us most of the afternoon although we did stop for a couple of chats with other allotmenteers and we managed more than one coffee break.
Weed control fabric around our fruit trees certainly cuts down on weeding giving us more time to tidy up other bits and pieces which would normally be neglected in our efforts to keep the weeds under control.
Large parts of the plot have either been cleared ready for planting or in some cases planted up with potatoes but at this time of year there is nothing to show above soil level. There are four large beds here which from left to right are planted up with, onions and peas, potatoes, a bed still to be planted, and finally a bed with carrots and parsnips under the environmesh.

It’s not that often all the paths are cut and edged as the task normally spills over from one day to the next, especially getting all the edges trimmed. A final job for the day was to wander round and check all the rows of potatoes and cover over any new shoots with soil to give them protection against the frost forecast for early Saturday morning.

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  1. Wow, that looks tremendous. Well done for getting all the edges cut.

    You're right about the weather, very cold and dull here too. After the lovely warm days of a couple of weeks ago it is quite a shock.


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