Monday, 5 May 2014

Delicate Decision

After Saturday’s lovely weather Sunday was a bit disappointing with lots of cloud about although it did remain mild and we certainly didn't have any problems with frost.

Our home greenhouse is now full of young plants and with more to be moved in from the indoor growlight space is now at a premium.
It’s now time for some of our more delicate plants to make their way into the cold frame to start the hardening off process. They all survived Saturday morning’s low temperature of 2.3°C in the greenhouse so hopefully they’ll be no problems when they’re moved outdoors.
A few tubers from last year’s dahlias made it through the winter and are growing well along with some newly bought this year. These plants will be the first to be moved out into the cold frame. Not only is more greenhouse space needed for plants moving from under the indoor growlight but our tomato plants are growing quickly and will need to be moved on into larger pots soon before they are finally transplanted into growbags and there are more seeds still to be sown.
These Sungold tomato plants are growing well at the moment and will soon need to be potted on into larger pots to allow them to develop unchecked. The latest spring frost for the last four years was on 06 May 2012 when the temperature fell to -1.0°C so I'm hoping we've had the last of this year’s springs frost.


  1. I hope we have seen the last Spring frost of the year. My tomatoes and chillis really need to be outside soon, and I don't want to have to continue carting them in and twice a day!

    1. It's all the other nasties waiting outside as well Mark. Extra slugs,snails and birds just waiting for those nice tender shoots to be put on the menu.

  2. We planted out some flower seedlings today, I can almost hear the slugs rubbing their hands together in delight. Your greenhouse looks so beautifully neat and organised, and those tomatoes look fantastic. I haven't tried quite hard enough this year, and mine are looking a bit sad.


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