Sunday, 18 May 2014

A Tad Warmer Today

Saturday was another excellent May day with a maximum temperature of 24.7°C, a tad warmer than Friday, making it our warmest day of the year.

We've plenty to do on the plot so we decided on an afternoon of planting and tidying up. To be honest it was a bit too warm to be doing much more than sowing or planting, not that I'm complaining about this lovely weather you understand.

Sue planted out these broad beans “Masterpiece Green Longpod”. The plants looked nice and healthy as they left the cold frame with no signs of any pest problems but now they're in the plot all that changes. The sprayer contains our homemade garlic spray which was used on the plants to see if we can reduce the damage being done by weevils. These beans are planted next to our earlier variety “Witkeim Manita” which have been badly attacked by the weevils. I also water all the beans with a seaweed based liquid foliar feed to hopefully give the plants an extra boost to help our early planting grow through the weevil attack and the newly transplanted ones avoid any setback.

I also transplanted out our early cabbage plants “Hispi”. These have been planted alongside the plants bought from Marshalls in early spring to hopefully provide us with some cabbages and calabrese.
This certainly looks promising as our Marshall’s cabbages are already beginning to show signs of starting to form hearts just as our first home raised cabbages have been planted out. These too got the garlic spray and foliar feed treatment.
The final protection is to cover the whole bed with butterfly netting not only to keep the butterflies off but also the wood pigeons which can devastate a crop overnight if they get the chance. 

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  1. It's all looking beautiful, especially those cabbages. Well protected too, let's hope nothing can get them!


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