Thursday, 29 May 2014

Still Raining!

Once the rain started in the early hours of Wednesday morning it’s just continued on and on and into Thursday morning and it’s still raining. Thankfully it couldn’t be classified as heavy. It does have nuisance value though as it’s gradually adding to the month’s rainfall and delaying any planting out operations we had planned on the plot.
Rainfall from Tuesday 27 May 2014 to Thursday (morning) 29 May 2014
The soil was wet and claggy on Tuesday when we were last down on the plot so another two day’s worth of rain isn't going to have improved matters. May has now become our wettest month of 2014. 
I'm seriously starting to think of a back up plan as I don't think the courgette and cabbage plants we have in pots and seed modules under the cold frames at home are going to last until the soil dries out enough to be cultivated ready for planting. I might sow another batch of cabbages and courgettes as my back up plan just in case.

On a different note altogether I've noticed that the birds are making a much better job than usual of clearing the “golden chorus” and “buggy nibbles” that they get treated to every morning.
This is how the bird table looks when breakfast has been served. The main diners at the table are blackbirds and starlings and both bring their youngsters along for a fly in. It’s not long then before the table looks like this.
Every last morsel is found and devoured. I must have a go at getting some pictures of the bird table covered with birds but the youngsters are easily spooked so a cunning plan will be needed.


  1. Wet here today too, I got absolutely soaked this afternoon putting the guinea pig back in her hutch. I've only just dried out. I do hope you're able to plant out the courgettes and cabbages in time. My courgettes are out, but I don't know how they're doing, I've not been to the allotment for days. Maybe tomorrow, the asparagus will be three feet tall by now. Feeding the birds can be an expensive pastime I think!

    1. It certainly can be expensive keeping the birds fed. They are rationed. They get the same amount each day and once it's gone it's gone. Tried some starling pictures today but still to download them and see if they came out.


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