Saturday, 24 May 2014

Watering Won't Be Required

I knew earlier in the week when I blogged that some of the beds on the plot would benefit from a little rain I was tempting fate. Late on Friday afternoon the weather gods had the last laugh as a thunderstorm gave everything a thorough soaking. We’d had some rain on and off all day but it hadn’t amounted to anything special. Then around 18:30 the heavens opened and it bucketed it down for a few minutes.
At its peak intensity the rain was falling at 81.2mm/hr or roughly a month’s rain in about half an hour. Fortunately it didn't keep that rate up for long but by the time the thunderstorm had passed over our daily rainfall amount was up to 17.2mm.
That makes it our 18th wettest day since 2009 and the wettest May day I've recorded. For the record the wettest day I've recorded was 06 July 2012 with 39.2mm of rain and the most intense rainfall occurred on 15 August 2012 with 151.6mm/hr.

There’s more rain forecast for Saturday so it might now be a case of having to allow the plot a little drying out time before any cultivating can take place.


  1. Ah yes, July 2012, I remember it well. That day was my other half's birthday and we were on holiday. In England. It tipped down here most of yesterday, especially the ten minutes when I was trying to get seat belts on three small boys on the way to a party. I'm off to check the weather for today now.

    1. Easy weather forecasting for us at the moment - rain. It's raining again now - what's happened to that lovely spring weather of last week.


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