Wednesday, 7 May 2014

Making Space and Misleading Labels

Tuesday was a nice mild day following on from some light rain in the early hours of the morning.

I managed to make a little bit of space in the greenhouse by moving more plants into the cold frame. I could then prick out a few more seedlings immediately filling the space up again.
I normally just take a few photos to remind me of the seeds sown, what’s been transplanted or moved to the greenhouse. Most of the photos are then tagged in Lightroom for future reference. I like to try and keep up to date with my plant labelling even if many of the labels are just made from cut down yogurt cartons. 
This was my reference photograph for the sweet pea varieties I transplanted on Tuesday. They had to be been given a tag in Lightroom so I added the variety names under the sweet peas tag already created. The names on the label are Warden Scarlet and Bernard Jones. I added the names and then thought that they didn't ring any bells with ones I’d sown. Checking the varieties sown the names should be Air Warden, a scarlet flowered variety, and Mrs Bernard Jones. Even the simplest of things can cause problems sometimes.

Parts of my writing is buried just under the compost for a very good reason. Once planted in the plot the label will be stapled to a small piece of timber  to mark the variety on the plot.
I tend to write on the label assuming all the label can be read rather than some of it being buried beneath the compost before it gets stapled to the timber marker. This system works well as the label can be removed at the end of the growing season and the timber reused many times. I've still to find a permanent marker pen that will last through the winter. For most marker pens I've tried permanent means about six months.


  1. Those are promising looking little seedlings!

  2. Lovely post and thank you for sharing seedlings looking good

  3. Seedlings looking good...Thank you for sharing..


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