Friday, 30 May 2014

Another Dull and Miserable Day

At least the rain stopped around lunchtime on Thursday but the heavy clouds hung around all afternoon making it a dull and miserable day. In that brilliant spell of weather a couple of weeks ago my weather station was recording around 9 or 10 hours of sunshine each day. What a change now as the last 8 days have produced only 8.5 hours of sunshine and 5.4 of those hours came in one day.

With gardening activities on hold yet again we decided on a short trip to Woodlesford to carry out a bit of steam train photography.
It was a value for money trip with three steam locomotives all making their way from Carnforth to Dereham to take part in a steam gala to be held over the weekend by the Mid Norfolk Railway.

If you'd like to see more, my video of the train passing through Woodlesford is here.

Our weather forecast for the next few days is a little more promising. At least it’s forecast to be dry but any sunshine looks to be in very short supply before more showery weather arrives early next week. We'll probably find out exactly how wet it is on the plot this afternoon.


  1. Lovely locos I could watch them all day

  2. Damp on my allotment, the weeds are enormous. Sigh. I'm glad you managed to see three steam locomotives while it was too wet to garden.

    1. Next weeks steam excursion might be to see the Howarts Express from the Harry Potter films. Weather and gardening permitting!


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