Wednesday, 21 May 2014

Up in Tads Now down in Tads

There was a lot more cloud about on Tuesday especially in the morning when the sun didn't bother to make an appearance. We had a few spots of rain around lunchtime which didn't amount to anything. Then the sun came out and the afternoon was much brighter. We did have some rain mid evening but it only amounted to 0.8mm. The temperature continued to be mild for May although it’s fallen back a bit from its high of 25.2°C on Sunday with Tuesday’s high reaching 22.4°C.
Temperature and Sunshine Records for Wednesday 14 May 2014 to Tuesday 20 May 2014
A return to more normal Spring temperatures is going to be a shock to the system.

On the plot the grass continues to grow amazingly quickly and it got another trim in the afternoon. Some parts of the plot are now fully planted up and it won't be too long now before we can begin harvesting some of our early cabbages.
Other parts of the plot are still awaiting their summer crops of sweet corn, French and runner beans, and courgettes.
The bed in the foreground is already planted up with potatoes which are beginning to push their way through the soil but the remaining two beds need a quick tilling  job on them before they are ready for planting up. A little drop of rain might help the tilling process a little as the soil in the middle bed has cracks developing in the surface due to the dry and warm weather. I realise I could easily regret wishing for a little rain.


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