Sunday, 11 May 2014

Another Staying in Day - Lots More Showers

Saturday wasn't as windy as Friday but we still had lots of showers throughout the day. The sun came out between the showers just long enough to tempt you into thinking about doing some gardening then another heavy shower arrived. 
There seems to be little improvement in the weather over the next few days but there’s a hint that high pressure and more settled weather may arrive later in the week. Of course if it turns out to be correct how long will the high pressure remain in charge?


  1. I haven't had time to think about gardening, even if the weather was nice, but the wind here has been crazy. The most I've done is prop up the tayberry, twice. I have big hopes for next week.!

    1. Windy again here on Sunday. I've happily put jobs off hoping for better weather next week. Don't want to think about the damage the wind might have done on the plot.


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