Thursday, 6 July 2017

Back to Dry

That rain we had last week which did wonders for the allotment has now lost its magical effect. Wednesday's weather forecast was for heavy thundery showers, we even had a Met Office warning of heavy rain, but it never materialised. The forecast for today, Thursday, is much the same except that the temperature is forecast to be much higher than the 20.2°C (68.4°F) we managed on Wednesday.
Temperature & Rainfall Records 05 June - 05 July 2017
The result of a dry week is that the plot is back to being undiggable and we're having to start watering again. I tried on Tuesday to dig over one of our beds but the ground was very dry and it refused to break down into a decent tilth. 
It was a waste of time as all my cultivator was doing was shuffling around hard compacted pieces of soil. There was almost no sign of any moisture in the ground at all. I decided to do something more useful and pick some fruit instead.
Blackcurrants - Ebony
It will be back to watering our vegetables when we next visit the plot unless that forecast of thunderstorms and heavy rain turns out to be correct.

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  1. While just a few (OK a hundred) miles north it has been really soggy. All the spuds are about 4ft high!


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