Tuesday, 11 July 2017

I Like The Look Of This Forecast

I wouldn't normally say that I like the look of a weather forecast that's for a thoroughly wet day but the garden and allotment really need a good soaking. Maybe today they will get one.
After a lovely sunny weekend Monday turned out to be one of those days I've mentioned lots of times in my posts this year. 
Sunday Afternoon On The Allotment
Monday was a day of drizzle and at times short showery bursts amounting to 1.8mm (0.07in) of rainfall all day certainly no use in watering the garden or allotment.
As you can see from the table, above right, the only rainfall we've had in the last four weeks fell almost two weeks ago now. That fell on already very dry ground and soon seemed to disappear leaving the ground once again bone dry. Cultivating the ground for sowing and planting some summer crops had become very difficult. We'd like to get some ground prepared for a late sowing of peas not to mention some late salad crops and a variety of cut flower seeds.

So, a good wet day would be very useful and save us time having to water the allotment. The forecast for the next couple of weeks doesn't have much rain in it which is all the more reason for hoping that today's forecast turns out to be correct. At the moment 09:30 it's about right as we've had our first 2.2mm (0.09in) of rainfall.


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