Monday, 17 July 2017

Still No Rain

It's been a few days since I last did a blog post. The weather hasn't been very exciting, some sunny days and some cloudy, with around average temperatures for the middle of July. The only thing we haven't had is any decent rainfall.
Rainfall Record Last 4 weeks
We had enough to dampen the surface last week but the only rainfall of any use as far as the allotment and garden goes was at the end of June. The dry weather is starting to have consequences at the allotment.
Our Japanese Wineberry appears to have succumbed to the dry conditions and as far as we can make out has died. We both think we have given it some water as we've gone around the plot watering but maybe we are mistaken. It's a blow as it was only planted a couple of years ago and was beginning to be rather productive.

I've a little bit of software that works with the data from my weather station to estimate how much evaporation takes place each day based on temperature, wind speed and solar radiation.
I've highlighted the two interesting columns. Whilst the rainfall for the month is 7.1mm (0.28in) evaporation is a whopping 42.0mm or 1.65in. Now I'm sure there's some errors in the way the evaporation is calculated but it shows the trend of how much moisture the soil has lost compared to the rainfall we've had. 


  1. Poor plant! hope they survive!
    Beautiful flowers and vegetable harvest!
    you really have good data record on weather!

    1. Would you believe it we didn't buy a red dahlia. It's a lovely colour though so I'm not too upset!

  2. Hopefully the rain makes a come back -for the sake of the plants and humans. Warm greetings to you!


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