Sunday, 30 July 2017

Exotics Are Nearly Ready

The fine settled weather of late spring and early summer has well and truly disappeared leaving us with a very unsettled mixture of sunshine and showers. There seems to be no signs of a quick return to summer.

In the greenhouse what I'd like to think of as our "exotics" are in some cases looking ready to pick. Our nectarines and peaches look as though we should be thinking about giving them a taste test at least.
Peach - "Avalon Pride"
Nectarine - "Fantasia"

In the past we've tried to grow melons in the greenhouse but with very limited success. As we hadn't tried to grow any for the last few years we decided to have another go this year.
Melon - "Emir"
It's looking more promising than in the past as we have at least one decent sized fruit already. I noticed on closer inspection that there are a couple more tiny green fruitlets so we may finish up with more than just the one melon. I can't imagine us being in the position of having to decide if we need to remove some fruits to allow others to grow on into larger specimens.
Fig "Brown Turkey"
Our "Brown Turkey" fig which is growing in a large pot was moved out of the greenhouse a couple of years ago now. It never produced anything more than a handful of fruits in the greenhouse and we decided to move it outside and see if it did any better. It's got a reasonable crop of figs on it this year so it's a question of seeing if they will ripen. I think the next crop of figs is just starting to form on the tree but I'm not expecting them to produce a crop before colder weather arrives in autumn.

I'll be very happy if we manage one or two home grown nectarines, peaches, figs, and melons to add to the apricots we've already harvested this year.


  1. Hope you can get good harvest from the plants! ;)

    1. I think we'll be doing a taste test this week.


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