Thursday, 27 July 2017

First Bed Cleared

Our early brassicas are finished and I've started to clear the bed. The brassicas grown in this bed through spring and early summer were bought as plug plants from DT Brown and consisted of cabbage "Regency", calabrese "Aquiles" and cauliflower "Helsinki". I've been very pleased with the results and will be growing them again next year. The plants arrived at the end of March and were initially potted up and left to grow on in the cold frame for a few weeks. I've included my notes below of the growing and harvesting details of the brassicas.
Cold frame 10 April 2017
The plants were planted out in the allotment when they'd got well established in their pots and they were covered with environmesh to protect them from aphid attack if possible. 
Planted Out On 01 May 2017
They were kept reasonably well watered through our very dry spring and early summer weather. All three varieties have cropped very well allowing us to have some fresh "greens" from the beginning of June until the end of July. They've been completely pest free which I must admit is unusual for our plot.
Calabrese "Aquiles"
Cauliflower "Helsinki"
Cabbage "Regency"
All the brassica tops have been cut down and composted. I've still to dig up the roots which I'll inspect for any signs of club root but I suspect that given the way the plants have grown that this bed is free of club root. I'll check for signs all the same.
Once the roots are removed the weed control fabric will be left in place over winter and rotated around next spring in line with the 4 year plan for this part of the plot.


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