Thursday, 20 July 2017

What Storms!

Social media and newspapers have been full of stories of potential and actual thunderstorms all around the country. Some places have suffered flash flooding. So, it was with bated breath that we awaited our turn. We didn't want the flash flooding or the torrential downpour just some decent steady rainfall to water the garden and allotment. I give you yesterday's rainfall details.
Rainfall Details for 19 July 2017
We had to wait until almost midnight for a few spots of rain. To be honest it was a muggy day and late in the afternoon and into the evening it wouldn't have been much of a surprise if we'd had a storm but whatever heavy rain was around passed us by.

As you will be aware if you follow either mine or Sue's blog we've refurbished the perennial flower bed on the allotment. The roses in particular received some rough treatment as we tried to remove the couch grass and bindweed from around their roots. I thought that we had lost up to three of the five roses planted in this border 10 years ago. However, Baroness Rothschild has survived and is now flowering once again.
 Rose - Baroness Rothschild
Elmshorn and Jacqueline du Pre have survived the refurbishment and are growing well. One called Evelyn has a few green leaves and we are hoping it will survive whilst the final rose Golden Wings is showing no signs of life at all and will need to be replaced.


  1. No rain? You are unlucky! We were watching all day because we were going to an outdoor event in the evening (A dance at Linlithgow Palace Courtyard) and it was moved indoors even though the promised rain never arrived. But it (the rain) had started by 10 so it was just as well they did!

    1. A bit of a damp day today (Thursday) with a little bit of rain in the morning but not enough to do any good. Still there's more rain forecast for the weekend so the plot might get a good watering then.

      Hope you enjoyed the dance and managed to keep dry.

  2. Yes , we are just two minutes away from Coverack and we didn't get any rain here, but could hear lots of thunder . However we are having some torrential rain right now ..look out its coming your direction ! :)

    1. Friday was another dry day for us. We have had a drop of rain on Saturday morning but not very much. Might get away without watering on the plot for a couple of days unless we get some more rain.


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