Monday, 24 July 2017

Some Rain and Brexit Cucumbers

The weekend finally saw us get a drop of very welcome rain. Almost equal amounts on both Saturday and Sunday saw 14.6mm (0.57in) of much needed rainfall to water the garden and allotment.
Temperature & Rainfall Details 21-23 July 2017
It should give us a welcome break from watering.

We had a visit to the allotment on Saturday afternoon after the morning's rainfall. It was a sort of a pottering around afternoon for me picking a few things, a little bit of tidying up, and watering the greenhouse tomatoes. By the end of the afternoon we had amassed quite a harvest between us.
I found two Burpless Tasty Green cucumbers in the greenhouse when I was watering in there. 
These are our first cucumbers of the season and by their curvy shapes they've obviously heard about Brexit and don't feel the need to grow straight anymore. Has anyone got that variety that grows perfectly straight and in a plastic wrapping?

Our full harvesting for the day can be found on this web page.


  1. That's what I call a U-Turn!

  2. This raining is much needed I guess! ;)

    1. Your right Mal the rain should do both allotment and garden some good. The weather's gone a bit off altogether over the last few days. Cool and cloudy. Not much like mid summer.

  3. Love your comments about Brexit cucumbers!


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