Tuesday, 4 July 2017

Breezy Start

It hasn't been too bad a start to July. The temperature has been a little below average for the time of year but we've had some good sunny spells to make up for that. Monday morning saw our first rain of the month although in truth it was only a little bit of drizzle but enough to register a value of 0.2mm on my rain gauge. The main downside of the first three days has been the wind, which, while it hasn't been gale force, has been very blustery.
Temperature & High Wind Speed Records 01-03 July 2017
It's not the sort of weather that's tempted me to move our banana plant out of the greenhouse. Windy weather soon shreds it's leaves and that results in it being spoilt for the rest of the summer. I'm keeping it sheltered in the greenhouse hoping that the windy weather will go away.
Banana Plant - Musa Basjoo

The rain at the end of June meant that I was able to dig over a piece of ground which had been too difficult to do during the very dry spell. Part of a path alongside the dug over bed had become overgrown with thistles, nettles, elder and a jostaberry bush.
It's not very pleasant getting caught up in brambles and thistles when you're trying to plant up a bed so I decided to do some cutting back and tidying up.

There's a little bit of video of my efforts below.

The cutting back is the quick and easy bit it's clearing away all the debris that takes time.

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