Wednesday, 12 July 2017

Coldest July Day?

Tuesday's weather didn't delivery on the rainfall front as despite another seemingly wet day we finished up with just 5.0mm (0.2in) of rainfall nothing like as much as was suggested in the forecast. Still, I suppose it's better than nothing but I don't think it will have done much to alleviate the dry conditions in the garden and allotment.
Temperature & Rainfall Records for 11 July 2017
However, with a daytime high temperature of just 13.3°C (55.9°F) Tuesday was the coolest July day I've recorded taking over from the 20 July 2012 when the temperature reached only 13.8°C or 56.8°F.

On the plot I'd like to trim back a laurel hedge but I've noticed that we've still got some young birds about in the garden so I'll leave any trimming back until next month when the birds will have finished nesting.
This young goldfinch was checking out the sunflower hearts in the bird feeder at home early on Wednesday morning.


  1. What topsy-turvy weather you've been having ... hottest, driest, now coldest! The young birds don't eat your berried fruit? or is there enough to share?

    1. Hi Jane
      We never really know what our weather will be like from one day to the next.
      We protect some of our berry fruit strawberries, redcurrants and blueberries but the rest blackcurrants, raspberries, gooseberries and loganberries we share with the birds. There's usually enough to go around.


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