Saturday, 22 July 2017

Where's Summer Gone

We haven’t visited the plot for the last couple of days as the weather hasn’t been up to much. Whilst much of the country has suffered flash flooding and wet weather we’ve somehow managed to miss nearly all the rain. We have had a little bit of rain on Saturday morning maybe just enough to avoid watering the plot for a couple of days. 
I always find it a bit odd when there’s a need to water the plot when the weather is cold and damp. Still the forecast is for more rain over the weekend so we may be able to spend more time harvesting and doing a few other jobs that need to be tackled but have been put on hold to allow us to keep the plot watered.

Back in spring when I sowed our tomato seeds one of the packets contained a rogue seed which not only germinated before the tomato seeds but grew much quicker. 
17 April 2017
Intrigued to find out what this seedling was it was potted on and it’s been growing slowly in the greenhouse all summer.
04 May 2017
It needed potting on weeks ago but I’ve never got round to doing it. It’s now doing its best to make me feel guilty by flowering. I really will have to find time to move it on into a larger pot.
22 July 2017
I had my suspicions when it germinated that it might have been a Morning Glory seedling, in which case it probably didn't arrive in the seed packet but somehow a seed from one of our old plants must have got into the compost. At least I didn’t throw it away in April when it germinated amongst the tomato seeds.

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