Monday, 17 April 2017

What's This In My Tomato Seedlings?

The weather was fairly typical of a Bank Holiday. It was dull and cloudy for most of the day with a bit of drizzly rain on and off throughout the day. This turned into more persistent rain in the evening.
Temperature & Rainfall for 16 April 2017
I'm always behind everyone else when it comes to sowing tomato seeds. I sowed some a week ago now on 10 April and they went into our indoor growlight to germinate. Some only took four days to germinate and they are growing away well.
Tomato Seedlings Sungold & Gardener's Delight
Sungold were the first variety to pop their leaves through the compost followed a day later by Gardener's Delight. However, a variety called Golden Crown are taking a little bit longer to germinate but I've spotted an imposter amongst them.
It didn't take any great observational skills to spot it. It germinated first and emerged from the soil with 2 leaves already showing rather than that little loop of stem that you see when tomatoes are just popping through the compost.

I think the imposter might be a Ipomoea "Morning Glory". Last month I was clearing out last year's "Morning Glory" plant as it dies off over winter in the greenhouse. It produces lots of seed and I save a few of these each year when the old plant is composted.
Maybe one of the seeds accidentally fell into the bag of compost and finished up in with the tomato seeds. In any case I'll grow the seedling on to see what it turns into.


  1. I was a bit miffed to have really poor germination on an expensive packet of tomato seeds this year (Mountain Magic F1). There were only a few seeds and I've ended up with just three plants from a whole packet. I don't think it's me because the other varieties all germinated fine. I like the look of your rogue seedling, definitely worth growing on. I'll look forward to seeing what it turns into.

    1. I find it strange how certain packets of seeds cause problems. Last year our Gardener's Delight tomatoes turned out to be small orange plum types.


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