Monday, 10 April 2017

Busy Day Planting

Sunday turned out to be our warmest day of the year as forecast but it was a close run thing. No sooner had the temperature peaked at 22.7°C (72.9°F) a whole 0.1°C (0.15°F) higher than Saturday when the weather took a turn for the worse. Suddenly a cool almost gale force wind blew up and the sunshine disappeared. It was back on with a jumper.
Temperature, Sunshine & Wind Speed Records for 09 April 2017
It didn't stop us getting done what we wanted to do on the plot. Our modular grown onions were planted out alongside the shallots. Our first two rows of Onward peas were sown and we managed to get four rows of main crop potatoes planted as well. Part of the plot was strimmed and Sue did a bit more refurbishment to our autumn raspberry bed.
On this part of the plot we've only one more bed to plant up although it doesn't look all planted up at the moment. The bed in the right foreground is planted up with early potatoes then working round the beds in a clockwise direction are onions and shallots, then peas under the sticks, which leaves one bed to be planted up with our early brassicas.


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