Monday, 24 April 2017

A Poor Forecast

Sunday was a lovely sunny day. 
It was a case of preparing us for what is forecast to be a few cold days of weather with northerly winds coming our way straight from the Arctic.
Graphic from
As you can see from the graphic above Tuesday night looks as though there could well be a widespread frost.

On the plot our early peas Onward and potatoes, planted at the beginning of April, have started to push through the soil. 
Peas - Onward
Potatoes - Casablanca
If we do have keen frost, they may wish they'd waited another week.

At home in our indoor growlight tomatoes, peppers and courgettes have germinated well, apart from a pepper called Snackbite, which is very reluctant to show any signs of life. 
Tomatoes - Sungold
Courgettes - Atena Polka & Defender
The seedlings are at the stage where they need potting on but, as that means transferring them from indoors into a cold greenhouse, I'm going to delay transplanting them for a few days. Hopefully, the cold weather forecast will be over and done with by the end of the week.


  1. Courgettes already! Now it's my turn to be surprised. I have tomatoes and peppers but they are always going to be cosseted. Tell me you mounded those spuds(?). I checked my spuds today and even the most optimistic first row have not shown their heads yet. (Mind you I bury mine pretty deep in the first place.)

    1. Trying for a few early courgettes Mal. Kept some seeds back to sow in May. Would you believe it I didn't cover those spuds. Meant to do it on Monday but didn't get down to the plot. See Beechgrove Garden now use our trowel method for planting their spuds!!

    2. Surprised - You get Beechgrove south of the border?! With revision temperatures have not been as bas as predicted. Just as well last night as my paraffin heater extinguished itself before the coldest temperatures. Keeping a higher flame tonight.

    3. We have to wait until Sunday morning for Beechgrove. Get some good ideas to try out though. No heater in our greenhouse so it was down to 0°C early on Tuesday morning. Everything seemed to survive.

  2. Beautiful sunny weather with lovely blooms! Happy gardening!

    1. Just needs to be a bit warmer. Frosty start to Tuesday morning.


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