Wednesday, 19 April 2017

It's Still Getting Colder

It never got very warm at all on Easter Monday or Tuesday although in any brief spells of afternoon sunshine it didn't feel too bad. Overnight into Tuesday morning the temperature dropped to 0.9°C so we'll have had a little bit of ground frost around dawn. It also meant that Tuesday was the coldest day of the month based on average daily temperatures with 7.0°C or 44.6°F.
Temperature & Solar Radiation Records for 18 April 2017
On the plot  plum and pear blossom has been replaced by apple blossom.
Our quince Meeches Prolific has joined in with the apples too.
We hadn't visited the plot for about a week which is unusual for us at this time of the year. The grass paths had grown long since the last visit and were in need of strimming before they got completely out of control.

While I strimmed the paths and cultivated a couple more beds Sue planted more potatoes and onion sets. 
We're now planning where to sow parsnips and carrots. I think we have some beds dug over but they need covering with weed control fabric. 
Our beds have dried out a lot through April and it’s a while since we had any decent rainfall. It won’t be long now before they become too dry to cultivate without a drop of rain.

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  1. Yep we got to -2C on Monday night! Then last night it was up to a min of 8C!
    Keeping our guard up.


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