Tuesday, 4 April 2017

First Earlies and Tester Potatoes Planted

Monday was a lovely sunny spring day. It wasn't quite the warmest day of the year but with only a light breeze it felt like it should have been. We decided to take advantage of the fine weather and get our first early potatoes planted.
Planting First Early Potatoes - Casablanca
If you follow our blog you'll know we don't plant our potatoes in the traditional way of digging out a trench which then has compost or manure added before the potatoes are placed in the trench which is then backfilled. We prefer the trowel only method.
Planting First Early Potatoes - Casablanca
We find our method is much easier and quicker and gives us good results so we'll be sticking to it. We also had time to plant six varieties of potatoes that we haven't grown before. We've four tubers of each variety to try.
Planting Potatoes:- Cara, Innovator, Isle of Jura, Osprey, Rooster, & Saxon
We planted these potatoes in a similar manner except that they were planted through holes in weed control fabric. I'm anticipating that these potatoes will all be lifted at the same time. When the potato tops have died back the weed control fabric will be removed to make lifting the potatoes easier. I will start lifting our first earlies before the foliage starts to die back and it's much easier to do this without any weed control fabric getting in the way.


  1. I use the trowel method as you do and am complentating using weed control fabric myself to give me more time out with my camera and less weeding to do

    1. It works really well for us. Virtually no weeding means more camera time.

  2. PS glad to see there's nothing wrong with Sue's knees


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