Tuesday, 25 April 2017

Sunny But Cold

Well, the forecast turned out to be correct for Monday. The morning started off dull and cool with a few heavy showers about. Again we didn't have any great amount of rain and it certainly won't have had any effect on our now rather dry allotment. The rainfall for the day came to 0.8mm (0.03in) bringing our monthly total up to 7.8mm or 0.31in.
Temperature, Solar Radiation & Rainfall Records 23-25 April 2017
The forecast held out the promise of some afternoon sunshine which duly arrived but unfortunately, it was accompanied by a strong to gale force wind. 

I had thought I might transplant some of our seedlings in the greenhouse into modular cells but the gale force wind put me off. 
Instead I spent the afternoon editing Saturday's video taken at the North Norfolk Railway spring gala. I'll have to prick out the seedlings soon or they will grow very leggy.

Tuesday morning has started off sunny and cold with the overnight temperature falling to 0.2°C or 32.4°F. It's not what we want as the gardening season gets into full swing.


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