Sunday, 30 April 2017

Catching Up A Bit

The cold spell of weather of last week is over as it's turned milder with temperatures nearer average for late April. It does mean that we have a bit of catching up to do gardening wise.

On the plot we've managed to sow our parsnips.
We used what has now become our standard method of sowing parsnips through slits cut in weed control fabric. Drills are hoed in the slits and filled with compost and the seeds sown two to a station in the compost. Another one of our Aalsmeer cauliflowers headed up and was cut. I checked the root and it didn't show any signs of club root. It's a variety I'll try growing again.
The improvement in the weather meant that we were able to start moving plants from the greenhouse into the cold frame to harden them off. Moving our new perennials took up all the remaining cold frame space.
Sue planted up our raised bed salad patch.
There's now a little bit of space in the greenhouse for some of our tomato seedlings which are growing indoors under our growlight.
These are Sungold seedlings sown on 10 April and they should really have been moved outside to the greenhouse and transplanted last week but I didn't see any point in doing that with outside temperatures falling to around freezing point each night.


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