Monday, 3 April 2017

A Very Mild March

As we move into April our gardening season gets into full swing. March is normally a coolish month and for this reason I don't start sowing many seeds until the beginning of April. However, March turned out to be very mild, well for March, as the average temperature for the month was 8.8°C or 47.8°F.
As you can see from the graphic above March for us was not only the mildest I've recorded, but also the mildest in the last 25 years, replacing 2012 from top spot by 0.1°C or about 0.15°F. Rainfall and sunshine amounts were about average for March so it wasn't too bad a month and it certainly gave us the opportunity to gets some beds ready for sowing and planting at the allotment.

The first batch of seeds have been sown and have been left to germinate in the greenhouse.
Now all I need to do is keep the slugs, snails and mice at bay to give the seeds a chance to germinate. A list of all our sowing and planting in April will be kept here.


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