Sunday, 23 April 2017

A Break In Norfolk

We spent a couple of days away in Norfolk. Judging by my weather stations reading the weather might have been a little bit sunnier at home. Norfolk was cloudy and cool with a stiff sea breeze blowing at times.
Welney Wetland Centre
On Friday we visited the Welney Wetland Centre which is on the Ouse Washes in Norfolk. As you can see from the photo it's an open and flat landscape with not much protection from the wind. As with most of our visits to nature reserves the birds kept themselves out of range of all but the most powerful zoom lenses.
There were lots of avocets nesting in one location and they dared to get a little bit closer than the other birds.

On Saturday we visited the North Norfolk Railway who were holding their annual spring steam gala. The steam locomotives were a little bit easier to photograph than the birds but the weather hadn't improved at all.
Down by the beach some were making good use of the breeze that was blowing.
Sorry about the quality of the photo but the beach was quite a way off and the image is a screen grab from video working at absolutely maximum zoom range.


  1. trains and birds great photo subjects ..... lovely

    1. First test of my Panasonic FZ 2000. Pleased with the results. No lens swapping which I had to do with my GH4.


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