Friday, 7 April 2017

A Plot Tour

We’ve been a bit busy this week and not had any time for gardening at home or at the allotment since Monday. On Monday I thought it might be a good idea to do a quick video tour of the allotment before we get too much sown and planted.

There’s lots of fruit blossom and we’ll have to hope that some fine weather brings the pollinating insects out if force to set some fruit.

Just in case you missed my video on YouTube showing how we plant our potatoes I’ve added it to the end of this blog.


  1. Lovely. The fruit area is looking so pretty, especially the pear blossom. My Doyenne du Comice is in full flower, with Beurre Hardy a bit behind it. They are supposed to pollinate each other, but the timing isn't quite right. Your blueberry looks very happy in the ground. How have you got the soil to the right acidity, or is it just okay as it is?

    1. After all the pear blossom it will be interesting to see how many pears we finish up with.

      We did do a little bit of cheating with the blueberries. Originally they were planted in tubs and we used ericaceous compost. They didn't grow at all well in the tubs and we decided to plant them in the positions they are in now. We added some more compost at planting time and they get fed with an appropriate fertiliser through the year.

  2. They look really healthy now. I've got one that's not particularly happy in its pot - although that might be because it's in an east-facing spot while the others have more sun - so I might try putting it in the ground as you have. Glorious weather here at the moment, the pear trees were buzzing with pollinators earlier today - and both in full flower now. Apple blossom just starting to open.

    1. The blueberries have done much better planted in the ground rather than pots although they took a while to get established. Last year they produced enough fruit to make it worthwhile covering the bushes to keep the blackbirds off.

      Our pear trees are full of blossom too with the bees doing their best to pollinate all the flowers. Apple blossom has its first hint of pink yesterday so it should be out in a few days. Weather's great here too so we're making the most of it while it lasts.


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