Sunday, 16 April 2017

April's Getting Colder

As it's April and spring it doesn't seem too much to expect the temperature to be increasing as we head through the month but unfortunately the opposite is happening.
Temperature & Rainfall Records for April 2017
Based on average daily temperatures Saturday turned out to be the lowest of the month at just 8.4°C or 47.1°F. We had a bit of everything on Saturday, with sunshine and showers accompanied by a strong to gale force wind. It was a day for doing a bit of seed sowing in the greenhouse.
In truth we didn't have much rain. The day's showers amounted to only 1.0mm (0.04in) bringing April's total up to 2.8mm or 0.11in giving us a dry month so far.

We're having another attempt to grow some melons this year. We have tried in the past without much success. This year we are trying a variety called Emir.
There were 10 seeds in the packet and I decided to sow 5 of them leaving the others to be sown in a couple of weeks time.
The seeds have placed under our indoor growlight to germinate. I'm not expecting any problems getting them to germinate but they might not be very happy when they are moved into the greenhouse to grow on. I'm planning on sowing the other 5 seeds in a couple of weeks time. The plan is to grow the plants in our cold frame on the plot but I may try some in our home and plot greenhouses and maybe even one in our cold frame at home. More options might give us a better chance of at least one ripe melon.


  1. Ugh, it was bad enough today and now it's going colder - boo! I think I counted 20 raindrops today :-)

  2. 8.4 DegC? That's very cold! Hope there are few melons to be harvested thsi year!

    1. It's not much below what we can expect in mid April Malar. We can get a mix of warm almost summery days or cold wintery days in April.

  3. Frost free so far! But the forecast for Edinburgh is -1 tonight!

    1. A widespread frost seems to be forecast for tonight. Looking at weather model output apart from a couple of days at the end of this week it isn't predicted to warm up much. Still they are not always correct.


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