Sunday, 9 April 2017

We're Being Spoilt

Saturday was a glorious sunny April day with the temperature reaching 22.6°C (72.7°F) making it the warmest day of the year so far. Sunday has started off lovely and sunny so Saturday might not hold onto that record for very long.
Temperature & Sunshine Records 08 April 2017
We decided to make the most of the lovely weather and get some planting out done at the allotment.
Pear - Invincible
Our pear trees are now in full flower and putting on a superb display. I wonder how many of the flowers will set fruit. There were plenty of pollinating insects doing their bit on Saturday.

Sue set to planting out our broad beans - Witkiem Manita - and shallots which had been raised in modules in the greenhouse and had spent the last week in the coldframe hardening off.
Broad Bean - Witkiem Manita - sown on 02 March 2017
The other half of this bed will be filled with more broad beans sown at a later date to provide some continuity of harvesting. Our second variety is Robin Hood and is a shorter growing variety. I'll probably sow the seeds in a couple of weeks time.
Shallots - Golden Gourmet & Red Sun - planted in modules on 02 March 2017
The shallots don't take up very much space in this bed so rest of the bed will be filled up with onions.

While Sue was planting out our shallots and broad beans I was cultivating some of the beds that had their covering of weed control fabric removed last week.
Most of our soil is in excellent condition for cultivating at the moment. This bed was once our old strawberry bed. Last year it grew a decent crop of potatoes and this year we are going to grow our sweet peas and winter squashes in it. We think we might be able to squeeze in a row of peas too.

Pity that the fine weather isn't forecast to last.


  1. Planting season has started I guess! Hope all the plants grow well! ;)

    1. Our main sowing and planting season has certainly started. We need night time frosts to stay away now.


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