Sunday, 12 March 2017

Wow Cauliflowers to Harvest!

It wasn't that brilliant a day on Saturday as it remained dull and cloudy all day. It was another reasonably mild day for the time of year.

We headed for the plot without any real plan of what we were going to do but there's always something that can be done even if it's only a bit of tidying up. When we arrived Sue asked me if I'd had a look to see how our cauliflower plants were doing.
This is the plan of our brassica bed planted up at the beginning of September last year. The plants haven't done particularly well over winter and the Amsterdam and Moby Dick cauliflowers didn't make it through the winter. Most of the other plants have just about survived but when I last looked a few visits ago I wasn't holding out much hope of anything to harvest.
Cauliflower - North Foreland
This is what Sue found when she had a look to see how they were doing. We'd four medium sized heads ready for picking. These were a nice surprise. Looking at the remaining plants we may be lucky enough to get some Aalsmeer cauliflowers and a few small cabbages.

Well as you can see from my video below the frogs are back in the pond and doing what frogs do at this time of year.

They are about a month earlier to arrive this year compared to last year but we thought their arrival was very late last year so maybe now is more their usual time. We are trying to come up with a way to stop all their frogspawn being eaten by the fish. We're toying with the idea of using a very close mesh planting basket with some frogspawn scooped into it. This will be left in the pond for frogspawn to turn firstly into tadpoles and then froglets. At this stage they should be safe from the fish. Watch this space.


  1. That's a good surprise from cauliflowers!
    The frogs are really enjoying the weather!

    1. We've now got lots and lots of frogspawn so we need to rescue some before the fish eat it all. They seem to love frogspawn.


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