Saturday, 25 March 2017

Coldest Night Since January!

Friday was a lovely sunny day and feeling spring like in the afternoon sunshine but as forecast the sting in the tale for gardeners was that Saturday morning's temperature fell to -0.7°C (30.7°F) the lowest since the 27 January 2017 when it fell to -2.0°C or 28.4°F.
Temperature & Sunshine Records 23-25 March 2017
We spent the afternoon at the allotment getting a few jobs done before sowing and planting starts in earnest in April. The frosty nights have arrived perfectly timed to coincide with our plum Oullins gage coming into flower. 
Plum - Oullins Gage
These are the first few flower to open so hopefully the bulk of the flowers won't be affected by frost.

During the afternoon a noisy robin brought work to a standstill as we tried to photograph and video him singing. Our first few attempts were foiled because as we moved closer to get a better shot he flew off to a safer spot. Then when we were having our afternoon coffee break he decided to sing to us from the greengage tree which overhangs the shed. We managed a few closer shots of him although he was silhouetted against a bright sky. He was answering to the calls of another robin somewhere else on the plot.

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  1. Thank you very much for this! I never heard an English robin sing before. The American robin and the English robin are sooooo different: size, sound, shape, only the color of brick red do they have in common.


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