Friday, 10 March 2017

Worse Than I Thought

Thursday was another lovely sunny day. However, it was spoilt in the morning by a gale force wind which abated through the early afternoon.

Remember back in early January I blogged that we had one of those storms with "no name" but it did more damage in the garden than any of the "named" storms. It left one of our fence panels looking a bit worse for wear.
Damage from storm on 11 January 2017
I didn't think at the time it would be too much of a job to do a repair. My intention was to remove the panel and replace the broken willow filling before reinstalling the panel. That idea didn't last very long once I began trying to remove the panel. Most of the screws holding it to the posts came out without too much trouble but there's always one or in this case two, one in each post where the head of the screw had burred and there was no way of unscrewing it. After a bit of messing about it was obvious that most of the framing timbers in the panel had seen better days and were now rotten.
Fencing panel removed 09 March 2017
As you can see there wasn't much that resembled a fence panel by the time it was removed. There's now a gap in the border that needs filling.
I've recycled any half decent pieces of timber to use down the allotment. They will be used for labelling up our rows of vegetables.
Not much to show considering I originally thought that I'd be able to repair the damaged fence panel. My thoughts are now turning to how to replace the panel. The easiest option is to just buy a new panel but I'm not sure how easy it will be to get one into position without doing too much damage to the planting around it. My other idea is to build a new panel in situ which I think is my favoured option at the minute.


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