Tuesday, 21 March 2017

Rhubarb - How's Yours Doing?

Well the weather models and forecasters didn't too well at predicting our rainfall over the last week but they did get the anticipated change to cooler weather correct.
Temperature & Rainfall for 20 March 2017
We've lots of rhubarb growing on our plot. Living in the Rhubarb Triangle it is only fitting that we do. I picked a few more stems from our earliest variety which I think is Timperley Early.
We don't give this plant any special treatment over winter. It doesn't get any protection from the weather and it isn't covered with a pot to keep the light out to force some early stems. I've never really felt the need to do this when we can normally harvest stems from this variety by the middle of March.
Timperley Early?
Looking around the plot at our other varieties it is interesting to note their various stages of growth. We bought most of the rhubarb crowns many years ago and whilst I'm sure of the names of the varieties I'm no longer sure of their positions on the plot. Besides which rhubarb is just rhubarb isn't it?

Growing next to our earliest rhubarb is a later variety which we think is Giant Grooveless Crimson.  It's well behind Timperley Early but it's not the latest of our types of rhubarb.
Giant Grooveless Crimson?
This root is certainly the last to spring into life. I think the variety is Stockbridge Arrow.
Stockbridge Arrow?
I seem to remember that when we visited Clumber Park the kitchen garden there has more than one hundred and thirty different varieties of rhubarb growing so we have some way to go to catch them up. If your rhubarb isn't ready yet the chances are you have a maincrop or later variety.


  1. Rhubarb is looking good! I never knew what to do with it all when I grew it, but I bet you do lots of different things with it ! I have just bought a forcer though - it was so beautiful I couldn't resist it ! So guess I will be growing some rhubarb again!

    1. I don't think one of those lovely rhubarb forces would last long on the allotment. I'd like one all the same.

  2. Like a lot of allotmenteers we inherited a patch of rhubarb with the plot, and it has been a great boon. I've blanched it with a big bin for years to get an early start. It lasts til late in the season. This year we bought a Timperley Early. Even without the bin it is earlier by far!!! I wonder what the inherited variety is.

    1. I couldn't find much on the Internet to help identify rhubarb varieties. We inherited some and bought others a bit like you.

  3. That's plump looking rhubarb! I never planted them before but it seems doing well over there!

    1. Our rhubarb doesn't like hot weather. Even our hot weather!!


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