Thursday, 30 March 2017

Mild But Disappointing

The weather has turned milder since the sunshine disappeared. However, the weather has been disappointing after a few lovely days last week. At least on Tuesday the sun put in a bit of an appearance late in the afternoon before we had a little bit of light rain.
Temperature & Rainfall Records 27-29 March 2017
Wednesday was very disappointing with showers for most of the day. It was a frustrating sort of a day, as every time I thought it was brightening up, it began to rain again. At the end of the day the rain had put a stop to any gardening even though we'd only had 2.6mm (0.1ins) by early evening.

Despite the weather I have managed to sort out one of our cold frames so some of the greenhouse plants could be moved outside to "harden off".
Broad beans - Witkiem Manita
Shallots - Golden Gourmet & Red Sun
I'm a little apprehensive moving them out of the greenhouse. It's their first move into the outside world and I always think they're more at risk from slugs and other garden predators in the cold frame. 
It looks a little bit bare in the greenhouse now but I'm sure we'll soon manage to fill up the empty spaces over the next week or so.


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