Monday, 6 March 2017

A New Wildlife "Pond"

After a bright start to the day on Sunday it soon clouded over with rain starting around lunchtime and continued into the evening.
It never rained all that heavily but falling onto already soggy ground won't have helped the soil on the allotment dry out.

When we visited last Saturday the ground was already soggy and rather than try to do any cultivating I decided to sort out a new wildlife area.
We've been planning to incorporate some sort of wildlife area just outside our plot greenhouse in this grassy and neglected spot.
We thought a little pond might be a good idea to give the birds somewhere to drink. We'd be able to watch them from our shed patio as we drank our afternoon coffees. It all needed sorting out and last Saturday I decided to get started. The video below shows the "construction.


  1. That's pride of place for your pond.

    p.s. When's the webcam being set up?

    1. Once I get the wind turbine up and running.


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